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Yurii Simonov

A prize of one thousand dollars will be awarded to researchers affiliated with scientific institutions in Moldova for best papers in Solid State Physics, Crystallography, and Crystal and Structural Chemistry. The award is meant to recognize the both young and seasoned researchers. 

We are happy to announce that Yurii Simonov Memorial Prize for 2017 was awarded to Dr. Diana Chisca for her contribution in design, synthesis, and X-ray structural study of the Co(II) crystalline coordination polymers of different dimensionality with mixed ligands such as dicarboxylic acids and bis(pyridine) ligands of different rigidity, or nicotinamide-like ligands. Such materials revealed the reversible single-crystal-to-single-crystal transformations accompanied by changing of color under the solvent molecules release/uptake. The series of papers o  represent a valuable step for development of smart materials based on coordination polymers.  Press release can be found here

Prize of 2018 will be open for all scientists. Qualified applicants should apply by December 31, 2017. Prizes are funded by individual contributions.

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Prof Arushanov and Dr Kravtsov introduce winners of 2012 Prize

Prof Arushanov and Dr Kravtsov introduce winners of 2012 Prize