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Current courses:

Teaching at MSU

I post all the relevant info in D2l. Please use it...


Old Stuff: Teaching at SSE

PhD programme

Market Microstructure (Ph.D. Level) 

Behavioral Finance (Ph. D. Level)

PhD Research Seminar



Finance III

Finance I (Evaluations)


Exec Ed:

DFF program (Behavioral Finance)

SSES program (Raising Capital: IPO)



Advanced Investments (MS Level Fall 2006) (Evaluations)

Advanced Investments (MS Level Spring 2006) (Evaluations)


4100 - Major in Finance (Master Thesis):

Please note that as of Jan. 15, 2007 I am no longer accepting new students for current acad. yr. 

I act as supervisor for essays written within the course 4100 - Major in Finance .

If you are a student looking for a suitable subject you can check out my list of interests and suggested thesis topics as well as read the rules of engagement here. Remember that thesis supervision is a quite time consuming task and I may turn down students both for time and subject constraints.

Other stuff:

Teaching at SU: Finance Theory

NES Advanced Topics in Finance