Comments and excerpts from classes (media player for *.wav files required):


The original idea belongs to Warren Bailey.  I adopted it in my settings...


A student describes what he is learning in this professor's classes.  

Professor greets the students upon entering the classroom.  

A student greets the professor after class.  

Professor motivates and encourages the students.  

Professor motivates and encourages the students-2.  

Professor politely explains the students the role of education  

Professor explains the main course goal  

Professor explains Econ 101  

Professor catches the cheater  

One more...  

And the last one.  

Here student insists that he is innocent of cheating.  

Student explain professor that he is doing moonlighting job  

Student tells professor the story about his previous teacher  

Here is the final of the performance evaluation lecture.  

Professor gives career advise to student  

Professor responds to a request for extra office hours.  

Professor greets student who call him home at 10pm  

Professor responds to a question about grading.  

Professor grades the case  

Student try to appeal the case grade  

The professor responds to a repeated question about grading.  

A student reacts to a typical case question.  

Professor distribute problem sets  

Professor respond to student who did not perform well in the casework  

Ph.D. students receive encouraging words from the professor.  

Professor explains why he did not grade the case yet.